Love Him But Don’t Settle -

Love Him But Don’t Settle

From the album: ‘Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat’
Length: 11mins 21secs
Format: mp3 download

Track 6: Love Him But Don’t Settle


This free track is taken from David Deida’s new album ‘Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat’.

Listen in to Track 6 – ‘Love Him But Don’t Settle as David shares essential teachings for men and women:

  • Ground your practice in the eternal recognition of love
  • There are two aspects to moment-by-moment feminine practice:
    1. The skill you develop over time to relax open through fear and tension
    2. The timeless bodily realization that you are love
  • You will never feel fully met
  • The nature of human life is that it’s dissatisfying
  • Practice loving the moment as it is
  • Love your limits
  • Your partner is not a baby
  • Develop your skills of loving while sustaining the timeless recognition of love
  • You will never get so skillful that there’s no more to learn
  • Your unconditional love meets his unconditional presence
  • Your bodily response meets his bodily transmission of presence
  • Don’t settle for his lack of presence
  • That’s the play – to love and not settle
  • ‘That was good but it could be better’ and ‘I love you just like this‘
  • The feminine often has trouble differentiating her love from his skill
  • Cultivate your capacity to say no with a wide open heart, cervix, and throat