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What Do Men Feel? – David Deida

From the David Deida Album: ‘Full-Spectrum Sexual Devotion’
Length: 11mins 43secs
Format: mp3 download

Full-Spectrum Sexual Devotion: What Do Men Feel?


This free track is taken from David Deida’s new album ‘Full-Spectrum Sexual Devotion’.

Listen in to Track 1 – ‘What Do Men Feel? as David shares essential teachings for men and women:

  • He feels love differently than you do
  • Show him how he hurts you
  • The more open you are, the deeper he will be
  • He is at home in nothingness, not in your or his emotions
  • Most men choose solitude for spiritual practice
  • You are his revelation
  • He wants your energy to give you attention
  • He feels your pleasure and fear
  • He is turned on by your body’s love-translucency