Your Problems Create Your Gifts -

Your Problems Create Your Gifts

From the album: “Stages and Revelations
Length: 12mins 05secs
Format: mp3 download

Your Problems Create Your Gifts


This free track is taken from David Deida’s new albumStages and Revelations“.

Listen in to Track 12 – “Your Problems Create Your Gifts as David shares essential teachings for men and women:

  • Your gift is developed through your problems
  • Consciousness was born to emerge through your body
  • The universe is giving you perfect growth
  • Apply consciousness to your immediate experience
  • Stay with your actual feelings without resistance
  • Trust your feminine response
  • Orient to consciousness or suffer
  • 1st stage: Feel your problems
  • 2nd stage: Communicating your problems
  • 3rd stage: Orienting to consciousness and responding
  • The obstacle is the way
  • Love this moment
  • Relax with whatever is happening
  • Experience everything fully