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A Man’s Deepest Bliss


David Deida – Live Recordings

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  • Nothing works out how you want it to
  • Enjoying the epitome of masculine bliss
  • He wants to experience nothing, but she is very something
  • Choosing between Nothingness with a woman or Nothingness without a woman
  • The feminine seeks fullness, the masculine seeks emptiness
  • Knowing feminine body as life itself
  • You are consciousness in continuity with everything
  • Your consciousness is always dancing with the feminine, whether you do nothing or not
  • What a woman reveals to you is always greater than what you can see by yourself
  • Reality is moving you
  • Doing nothing with somebody is bigger than doing nothing by yourself
  • The qualities of your Nothingness know themselves more fully when they’re teased open by she
  • Don’t interact with your lover unless you really want to or she will feel your resentment
  • The radiance of a woman vs. the radiance of TV
  • Give love as you’re denied love; give consciousness as you’re denied Nothingness
  • If he’s in true Nothingness, she will feel him f*cking her every moment
  • In third-stage intimacy, your partner can wake you up better than you can wake yourself up

“Practice feeling your separation from existence, and loving through it, relaxing, and easing yourself into unity and communion.”

— From “Kinks, Consciousness, and the Plumber,” a talk by David Deida