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A Man’s Deepest Bliss


David Deida – Live Recordings

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  • Nothing works out how you want it to
  • Enjoying the epitome of masculine bliss
  • He wants to experience nothing, but she is very something
  • Choosing between Nothingness with a woman or Nothingness without a woman
  • The feminine seeks fullness, the masculine seeks emptiness
  • Knowing feminine body as life itself
  • You are consciousness in continuity with everything
  • Your consciousness is always dancing with the feminine, whether you do nothing or not
  • What a woman reveals to you is always greater than what you can see by yourself
  • Reality is moving you
  • Doing nothing with somebody is bigger than doing nothing by yourself
  • The qualities of your Nothingness know themselves more fully when they’re teased open by she
  • Don’t interact with your lover unless you really want to or she will feel your resentment
  • The radiance of a woman vs. the radiance of TV
  • Give love as you’re denied love; give consciousness as you’re denied Nothingness
  • If he’s in true Nothingness, she will feel him f*cking her every moment
  • In third-stage intimacy, your partner can wake you up better than you can wake yourself up

“Anyone who thinks they can tell what a feminine person is going to do, including the feminine person, is going to suffer, a lot.”

— From “Opening Spiritually and Sexually,” a talk by David Deida