Aligning with Love: Sex, Wealth & Worship -

Aligning with Love: Sex, Wealth & Worship


David Deida – Live Recordings

Total Length: 1hr 15mins
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Talk Topics:

  • Spiritual realization requires no time
  • Relaxing as your natural state of love
  • How unresolved sexuality closes us down
  • Learning our patterns from our parents
  • Therapy is not yoga is not spiritual awakening
  • Sexual yoga and the love-bliss of conscious light
  • Masculine and feminine displays of sexiness
  • Turn-ons: dress, humor, and presence
  • The feminine loves to be worshipped as light
  • How to get a man to do something
  • From power struggles, to respect, to adoration
  • Feminine and masculine tilts of spiritual practice
  • Love and the true root of sexual passion
  • False spirituality and your real way
  • Peeling away your emotional shells
  • Shining love through your heart’s wounds
  • The financial value of third-stage practice

For Him: “Feel her deepest heart. Actually feel her yearning, allow yourself to be one with her yearning.”

— From “Opening as Love & Nothingness,” a talk by David Deida