Cultivating True Love, Partnership, and Purpose -

Cultivating True Love, Partnership, and Purpose


David Deida – Live Recordings

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  • Karmic Purpose vs. Heart Purpose
  • Letting reality live through you
  • Not knowing his purpose is a deeper pain than not feeling loved
  • Crying for a vision of your life
  • Your current purpose can be to discover your next purpose
  • Sharing with your woman in ways she’ll think the relationship is threatened
  • The feminine question is, “How do I long to give my love before I die?”
  • How to let love shine through your life—becoming a lighthouse for him
  • First-stage velcro and learning to say no
  • Waiting for a future moment is not practice
  • Delay love and you attract a man who delays consciousness
  • First-stage war and third-stage martial arts
  • The feminine self-destructs, the masculine other-destructs
  • Allow darker vibrations to play in the art of lovemaking

“Listen to your heart through your fear, and be willing to take the next step without the slightest idea of what will happen when you do.”

— From “Wild Nights,” a book by David Deida