Cultivating True Love, Partnership, and Purpose -

Cultivating True Love, Partnership, and Purpose


David Deida – Live Recordings

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  • Karmic Purpose vs. Heart Purpose
  • Letting reality live through you
  • Not knowing his purpose is a deeper pain than not feeling loved
  • Crying for a vision of your life
  • Your current purpose can be to discover your next purpose
  • Sharing with your woman in ways she’ll think the relationship is threatened
  • The feminine question is, “How do I long to give my love before I die?”
  • How to let love shine through your life—becoming a lighthouse for him
  • First-stage velcro and learning to say no
  • Waiting for a future moment is not practice
  • Delay love and you attract a man who delays consciousness
  • First-stage war and third-stage martial arts
  • The feminine self-destructs, the masculine other-destructs
  • Allow darker vibrations to play in the art of lovemaking

“Anyone who thinks they can tell what a feminine person is going to do, including the feminine person, is going to suffer, a lot.”

— From “Opening Spiritually and Sexually,” a talk by David Deida