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Emotional Chaos & Authentic Love: How to Help Your Man Navigate Your Heart




Emotional Chaos & Authentic Love: How to Help Your Man Navigate Your Heart
Talk Topics:

  • Where are the trustworthy men?
  • Telling your man what to do or being frustrated
  • How to help your man navigate
  • Training your man to read your emotions
  • Demonstrating primary emotion rather than anger
  • Crying: Ecstasy or pain?
  • How to enjoy connecting with a man who can’t feel you
  • What is third-stage helplessness?
  • Offering your yearning as vulnerability
  • Relaxing second-stage self-sufficiency
  • Growing through unknowing
  • Making purpose obsolete through accomplishment
  • Detecting the spiritual suppression of the feminine
  • Why is embodiment a problem for most men?
  • Horrible feelings are also divine
  • Being obliterated by a man’s deep, persistent love
  • Relaxing into natural sexiness
  • Inviting deep consciousness by offering pleasurable light
  • Three stages of feminine liberation
  • Engaging two-bodied practices of love through trust
  • Dealing with creepy energy from others
  • Growing through phases of devotion dress and sexual adornment

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For Her: “As much as you want your man’s conscious presence, he wants your energetic openness. Your sexual responsiveness–your moans, writhes, and orgasms–attract him out of his dry world of fear into the deep waters of heart-surrender.”

— From “Finding God Through Sex,” a book by David Deida