Live in Boulder 2016 -

Live in Boulder 2016




Part I
0:00 The pocket of the moment, the content of the moment, and consciousness
9:30 The dynamics of conversation between the Masculine and Feminine
12:25 Even the most loving, open Masculine person prefers nothing to something
14:30 When you feel into the flow fully, you are moved by an intelligence much larger than you
19:55 No matter how present your Masculine partner is, it will never be enough
21:35 The inherent tension between the Masculine and Feminine
23:50 The way the Masculine and Feminine actively sabotage life
28:43 All beings have two purposes
32:30 The correct posture of life
39:30 A feminine practice for staying in the pocket of the moment
45:05 A two-bodied practice of the one recognizing itself
47:50 If you had no fears, what would you do? How would you love?
51:00 Feel your fears completely and embrace Her sabotage
54:54 She wants to feel the depth of your consciousness
58:20 Offering your deepest yearning
59:55 The nature of the Feminine

Part II
1:50 It’s the time of woman now
7:00 Men learn to do nothing impeccably
11:15 The one place he will never lose value
19:45 Trusting the spontaneous expression of consciousness in the world
25:00 Burkas, invisibility and the First-Stage need to be noticed
32:18 Giving yourself to idiots hurts
35:00 The Feminine has a habit of falling in love with people’s potential
39:14 Cosmic anger energy
40:30 Third-Stage is being in what is with no resistance
45:42 Change the flow of her water
46:38 Impact of your breath on her
49:10 To him, you talking is a mistake
53:10 The only reason the masculine does anything is because there is some form of feminine attraction to it

Part III
3:10 How a man runs his life speaks to the depth of his consciousness
5:45 You trust his discrimination and he trusts your flow of energy
9:10 The Third-Stage expression of claiming a woman
11:30 The more polarized a Feminine being becomes, the harder it is to make a good decision
15:02 Purpose as reaction to the external versus from the heart
16:22 Path to discovering your deeper purpose
18:46 Most Masculine people can’t love until they are living their purpose
21:36 Most Feminine people can’t live purpose until their relationship is on track
25:35 The Third-Stage is what’s left when you haven’t committed suicide yet
33:16 What the Masculine experiences as nothingness, the Feminine experiences as fullness
34:46 Unobstructed fullness
37:00 The more whole you are, the less sexually interesting you are
42:00 Resting in Third-Stage helplessness
44:00 Getting Masculine energy without breaking hearts
45:21 Cultivating getting fucked by God
48:00 She is born to destroy your program
52:25 Dissolving the need to ejaculate
59:00 All she wants is friction
59:30 Consciously sculpt conflict so your woman doesn’t do it for you

“This entire moment, exactly as it is now, is infinitely open.”

— From “The Nuts & Bolts of Spiritual Intimacy,” a talk by David Deida