Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat -

Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat


In this live call recording of David Deida in conversation with Lisa Page, he shares ways to deepen the flow of love, devotion, and the thrill of ravishment in the ‘flowery combat’ of sex and intimacy. Listen in as they discuss feminine spiritual and sexual practices and the art of living as the fullness of love.

Total Length: 1hr 21mins
Format: mp3 download

Track titles:

  1. Softening Cervix, Heart, and Throat
  2. It’s Never Enough
  3. What Makes Him Thrilling as a Lover
  4. Her Secret Delight in Flowery Combat
  5. Becoming Continuous with the Universe
  6. Love Him But Don’t Settle
  7. Drama, Conflict, and the Growth of Love

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Track 6: Love Him But Don’t Settle

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In this live call recording of David Deida in conversation with Lisa Page, he shares ways to deepen the flow of love, devotion, and the thrill of ravishment in the ‘flowery combat’ of sex and intimacy. Listen in as they discuss feminine spiritual and sexual practices and the art of living as the fullness of love.

Track 1: Softening Cervix, Heart, and Throat

  • With softening of cervix, heart, and throat comes deeper sensitivity and vulnerability
  • When you feel deep love and devotion, the inner channel spontaneously opens
  • Practice is the intentional rehearsal of what happens naturally
  • In the 1st stage, you are focused on your own body and mind
  • In the 2nd stage, you are talking to improve your relationship
  • In the 3rd stage, your primary motive is to surrender open in deep love
  • Develop the skill set to deal with an aggressive world without losing feminine fullness
  • You suffer your partner’s lack of practice
  • When the inner channel is tense, sexual responsiveness gets frozen
  • You protect yourself from lack of presence by hardening the inner channel
  • Your vulnerable openness invites his deep presence
  • In the 2nd stage, you wait for your partner to practice
  • In the 3rd stage, you assume no-one is practising ever, you’re just doing your best to love because there’s nothing left to do with your life
  • Cultivate practice regardless of the circumstance
  • Wiggling your cervix is a more advanced practice
  • Practice is waking up in the moment to how closed you are being
  • How does love move through your body when you are free and fearless?
  • Let love express outwards from your soft inner core
  • From nipples to breasts, from breasts to heart, from heart to cervix
  • Feminine practice is to be a body of love

Track 2: It’s Never Enough

  • Growth means obsolescence of what has worked up until now
  • The feminine is identified with the flow of love
  • The masculine is identified with the emptiness of consciousness
  • No amount of skill or presence will fulfil you for long
  • Open-ended devotional yearning for more is a permanent feature of the feminine heart
  • The fact that it’s never enough is not a problem to be solved
  • The more present he is, the more presence you’ll want
  • As your cervix opens, his practice must deepen in sensitivity and skill
  • As he becomes more sensitive, you may not be able to do with his penis what you used to
  • You must both modify your technical skills as you grow in depth and sensitivity
  • He may lose his erection when he attends more to formless consciousness than to the form of your body
  • A semi-flaccid penis is not a problem
  • From oral, nipples, clit and pumping, to the emotional transmission of devotion and presence
  • As your practice evolves:
    For her: It’s a deeper trust of love, whether he’s loving you or not
    For him: It’s a deeper trust of formless presence, in himself and in you
  • You’ll never be satisfied with each other’s practice
  • Your desire for deeper love is as endless as his desire for space
  • Nothingness makes him happier than you do
  • He can never meet your demand for love
  • Skill sets are cultivated over time, endless devotional yearning is never fulfilled
  • He must learn specific techniques so he doesn’t make your soft internal channel flinch
  • You feel rejected by his need for space
  • He feels rejected when his practice isn’t good enough for you, and it’s never good enough!
  • You are a bodily form that he loves, and wants to escape from
  • Cultivate 3rd stage humor, knowing that you are calling each other into an open-ended invitation that is never fulfilled
  • Sexual relationships are a valuable from of practice because you get feedback constantly
  • Being alone doesn’t give you the same feedback as having a partner for whom it’s never enough

Track 3: What Makes Him Thrilling as a Lover

  • Stay relaxed in the body while ravishing each other forcefully
  • Connect your bodily movement to the depth of your heart
  • You want him to take you farther than you’re willing to go yourself
  • Sexual intensity requires sensitivity and presence
  • What makes him thrilling as a lover is that he’s not just pecking you on the cheek
  • Deepen the play of resistance and surrender
  • 3rd stage ravishment requires deep connection, compassion, and empathy
  • His gift is claiming your devotional heart deeper than you could yourself
  • Your body craves ravishment

Track 4: Her Secret Delight in Flowery Combat

  • She pushes him away in order to feel his loving persistence
  • The feminine delights in resistance
  • Oneness is insufficient to the feminine
  • There’s no measure of his persistence unless she resists
  • Emotional conflict is the nature of the feminine
  • Her emotions often seem like sabotage to him
  • The feminine is a construction, destruction pulse
  • Pinning her down in the 3rd stage only works in deep connection
  • The feeling of oneness, separation, oneness, separation…is pleasurable to the feminine
  • The dance of oneness and separation makes a good love story
  • In life, the masculine wants to sit in zero
  • In sex, the masculine wants to be consciousness in the play of flowery combat
  • If you want him to fuck you harder with sensitivity, give him resistance to play with
  • She sabotages oneness for the sake of deeper oneness

Track 5: Becoming Continuous with the Universe

  • The more you open, the more you’ll perceive his lack
  • Sometimes feminine resistance is a form of wisdom
  • As you become more continuous with the universe, you’ll feel affected by everything
  • Epigenetics, your past, the collective unconscious, the moon, and the planets, may all come through you when making love
  • You can heal the pain of your ancestors through lovemaking
  • Trust your heart wisdom
  • Your body is the vehicle to become more love
  • The masculine way of saying it: You were born for consciousness to become ever more conscious of itself through the body
  • The feminine way of saying it: You were born for love to know love, and be expressed ever more fully through the body
  • Evolution is consciousness expressing itself in ever greater complexity
  • Growth in your capacity to love feels fulfilling

Track 6: Love Him But Don’t Settle

  • Ground your practice in the eternal recognition of love
  • There are two aspects to moment-by-moment feminine practice:
    1. The skill you develop over time to relax open through fear and tension
    2. The timeless bodily realization that you are love
  • You will never feel fully met
  • The nature of human life is that it’s dissatisfying
  • Practice loving the moment as it is
  • Love your limits
  • Your partner is not a baby
  • Develop your skills of loving while sustaining the timeless recognition of love
  • You will never get so skillful that there’s no more to learn
  • Your unconditional love meets his unconditional presence
  • Your bodily response meets his bodily transmission of presence
  • Don’t settle for his lack of presence
  • That’s the play – to love and not settle
  • ‘That was good but it could be better’ and ‘I love you just like this‘
  • The feminine often has trouble differentiating her love from his skill
  • Cultivate your capacity to say no with a wide open heart, cervix, and throat

Track 7: Drama, Conflict, and the Growth of Love

  • Drama is the story through which the feminine grows in love
  • Learn to articulate love through the body
  • There is a difference between absolute and relative practice
  • The masculine grows through competition and challenge
  • The feminine grows through the drama of the potential loss of love
  • Recognise this eternal love that is always present
  • Transfer both the recognition of ever-present love, and the specific skills you learn in lovemaking, to your everyday life
  • Can you type from your cervix?
  • The feminine has not incarnated as human to simply be in the oneness of love
  • Stay soft and vulnerable while moving with intensity
  • Learn to integrate breath with speech
  • Feel the meridians from your heart to your finger tips
  • Feminine practice includes the pelvic rock, sacro-iliac motions, and pumping cerebral spinal fluid around your nervous system
  • All day you are making love with the world
  • Deal with limits in the world as you would with your lover
  • The feminine needs conflict to feel that love is being challenged and therefore growing

NOTE – While this album is primarily about feminine practice, it’s also essential listening for any
man wanting to enhance his understanding of the feminine and discover new ways to deepen
lovemaking with her.

“Surrender through your sense of separate self, and relax into oneness.”

— From “Intimacy To Ecstasy,” a talk by David Deida