Nothing Is Missing -

Nothing Is Missing


11 New Tracks, 1.5 Hours on Love, Sex, and Divine Dildos

Length: 01:30:00
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Nothing is Missing – For the Love of Butt

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Tracks Include:

  • Love While Being Destroyed
  • Life Opens through Hurt
  • Cranky Body, Full Heart
  • Dildos: Human, Artificial, Divine
  • Warm Trust, Cold Criticism
  • The Power of Orgasms
  • Surface Sex, Deep Sex
  • How to Love Resistance
  • Who Should Lead?
  • For the Love of Butt
  • Hiding Your Light While Your Love Shines


“Masculine presence is masculine sexiness; feminine radiance is feminine sexiness.”

— From “Opening Spiritually and Sexually,” a talk by David Deida