Nothing Is Missing -

Nothing Is Missing


11 New Tracks, 1.5 Hours on Love, Sex, and Divine Dildos

Length: 01:30:00
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Nothing is Missing – For the Love of Butt

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Tracks Include:

  • Love While Being Destroyed
  • Life Opens through Hurt
  • Cranky Body, Full Heart
  • Dildos: Human, Artificial, Divine
  • Warm Trust, Cold Criticism
  • The Power of Orgasms
  • Surface Sex, Deep Sex
  • How to Love Resistance
  • Who Should Lead?
  • For the Love of Butt
  • Hiding Your Light While Your Love Shines


For Her: “As much as you want your man’s conscious presence, he wants your energetic openness. Your sexual responsiveness–your moans, writhes, and orgasms–attract him out of his dry world of fear into the deep waters of heart-surrender.”

— From “Finding God Through Sex,” a book by David Deida