Offer Your Sex from Shallow to Deep


David Deida – Live Recordings
Recorded live in October 2016
Length: 00:59:23
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  • How masculine spiritual practices effect women
  • Mick Jagger as masculine and feminine genius
  • First-stage matches made in heaven
  • He always wants to bring the conversation to an end
  • The feminine heart says, “I want more love”
  • Polarity (Opposites) vs. Friendship (Sameness)
  • Women sneaking out to the biker bar for dark energy
  • Can you talk in a way that makes your cervix happy?
  • How to help a man practice better

“If you have the opinion that you are always supposed to feel good, that opinion itself prevents consciousness and love from doing its work.”

— From “Kinks, Consciousness, and the Plumber,” a talk by David Deida