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Rhythms of Revelation: Jazz, Jesus, and James Bond


David Deida – Live Recordings

Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes
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Talk Topics:

  • Sex as art is not measured by “success” but by magic
  • Artful lovemaking is mostly mistakes and humor
  • Dissatisfaction leads to sexual creativity
  • Assuming he doesn’t understand your needs
  • Attracting a man’s presence from his head to body and heart
  • Offering compassion to stubborn old habits
  • Correction is continuous, so joy is necessary
  • Being turned off by a man’s unconsciousness
  • Practices are experiments not commandments
  • Taking responsibility for the ripples of your actions
  • Using dark talk to spark attraction
  • Practice starts clunky, gets refined
  • Good practice often feels like “failure”
  • Playing with energy and attention in sexual practice
  • Becoming a sexual connoisseur by developing new distinctions
  • Being a man’s source of freedom by liberating his consciousness
  • How to fail without collapsing
  • Giving her your surprising humor as a gift
  • Growing beyond “pleasing mommy”
  • Navigating conflict to deeper pleasure
  • Sexual jazz is not sexual therapy
  • Riffing and jamming together in love, not criticizing
  • Sustaining your own openness when your partner collapses
  • Understanding the three stages of practice and correction
  • Self-responsibility as precursor to sexual gifting
  • Doing your sexual art from wholeness not neediness
  • Giving your Jesus and James Bond to your woman

“The simplicity of it is this: give everything you have to give in every moment, completely.”

— From “Opening as Love & Nothingness,” a talk by David Deida