The Shiva and Shakti Scales -

The Shiva and Shakti Scales


David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I

Total Length: 1hr 16mins
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NOTE: This recording is part of the ‘Archive Audio: Remastered’ series – Click for important information.

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The Shiva and Shakti Scales
Shiva and Shakti are Hindu terms for the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine. In this deeply insightful talk, David explores the full spectrums of the masculine and feminine energies from dark to light, describing why it is essential that each of us embrace the full spectrum in order to liberate our fullest love, energy, and presence for our spiritual growth.

Some of David’s live audios from around 20 years ago were recorded at low quality on analogue tape cassettes. The teachings in these recordings are highly valuable, but the audio often had some distortion, background hiss, or reduced sound quality overall.

We have done our best to ‘Remaster’ these archive audios to give them a comparatively cleaner sound, with less background noise and more consistent volume levels. Although we’ve done the best we can, some of these ‘Remastered’ recordings may still be low quality compared to today’s audio standards.

Overall these ‘Remastered’ audios provide an improved listening experience over the original recordings, especially in noisy environments (e.g. when listening while driving, on headphones in the gym, in transit, etc).

For Him: “Treat each woman as the Goddess, because she is.”

— From “Wild Nights,” a book by David Deida