The Third Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs -

The Third Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs


David Deida – Live Recordings

Length: 1 hour
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Talk Topics:

  • Living fresh through learned practice
  • The sexual hobbyist vs. sexual artist
  • Training the body for pleasure
  • Healthy and degraded use of drugs and substances
  • When do sex and drugs go together?
  • Selfishness, sexual addictions, and substance use
  • Using alcohol for spiritual practice
  • Growing through stages of food and sex
  • Understanding the three stages of diet
  • Never getting the love you want
  • Attracting men who don’t want to feel your needs
  • Being born as a giver of love
  • Learning deep sex is as painful and clumsy as learning to play violin at first
  • Relieve your man of constraints
  • Make art now since chores never end
  • Happiness is giving the gift that you are
  • Your value is the state you are radiating now
  • Why are you with your chosen woman?
  • Enjoying relationship as crucifixion
  • Learning to feel your woman’s heart deeper than she can
  • Navigating subtle feminine cues
  • Choosing to cultivate sexual polarity or not
  • Great practitioners fail often
  • Understanding feminine drama and love’s transmission
  • Why women reject the love they want
  • Ruining years of love with one bad moment
  • How to rectify mistakes instantly and creatively through humor
  • Mistakes make for great sexual artistry
  • Playing the sex-slave and ass-kicker in committed intimacy

For Her: “As much as you want your man’s conscious presence, he wants your energetic openness. Your sexual responsiveness–your moans, writhes, and orgasms–attract him out of his dry world of fear into the deep waters of heart-surrender.”

— From “Finding God Through Sex,” a book by David Deida