Third-Stage Love -

Third-Stage Love


David Deida – Live Recordings

Length: 1 hour
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  • Expressing love through a tattered heart
  • How to grow through long-term intimacy
  • Sexual transmission of love through breath
  • The depth of your giving determines the depth of your death
  • The body is either a cage or an artistic vehicle for love
  • Practice means noticing you’ve forgotten love
  • Closing to emotions means not loving your emotions
  • Life force is feminine sexiness, man or woman
  • Women are now more culturally advanced than men in the Western world
  • Women are choosing boy toys since there are too few conscious men
  • Consciousness doesn’t move
  • The feminine evokes motion from the masculine
  • Sexuality is the play of conscious light
  • Therapy is not yoga is not spiritual realization; each mode of growth is very different
  • We resonate others with our states and stages of being, attracting or repelling
  • Neediness, independence, and devotion
  • The three stages of hurt
  • Masculine grows through challenge; Feminine grows through praise
  • Every lover is a servant of love
  • The feminine flows like a river, the masculine provides the riverbanks

For Her: “As much as you want your man’s conscious presence, he wants your energetic openness. Your sexual responsiveness–your moans, writhes, and orgasms–attract him out of his dry world of fear into the deep waters of heart-surrender.”

— From “Finding God Through Sex,” a book by David Deida